The Customs - Really Long Gone (CD)

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Finally, the re-reissue! This version takes the Real Long Gone CD and adds five nuggets onto the end that we found a couple of years back - featuring the first 7" line-up! Super crunchy! 

Killer, late-70's Midwestern rock n' roll garage no-counts outta Cincinnati. You get the two barn-burning 45's originally released on Shake It circa '79, plus some unreleased stuff, live goods and demos before the final crash and burn. Most of the tracks feature the post-DMZ, pre-Lyres Peter Greenberg on guitar. All remastered for maximum hi-fi blow-out! Great release! (Released 1998/2006)

Long Gone / She'll Always Be Mine / Bring My Cadillac Back / Let's Get It On / Is She Sore / Strychnine / Ship Sailed At Six / Have Love Will Travel / Keep My Big Mouth Shut / 99th Floor / The Frog / Bertha Lou / I Couldn't Get High / Bad News / Writing On The Wall / Mimi / Papa Lou

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