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A Lo-fi testament to a life spent on the fringe.  All of the best aspects of FFN have been packed into this beautiful package. Big rhythms, bigger guitars, singalong choruses, and storytelling that sets the listener firmly inside the people and places populating this record, all the while helping that same listener feel that this story is also their own. Recorded in Point Pleasant, WV and in their home base of Covington, KY, Freaks is a concept record in both the same ways as The Wall, or The Ramones. Overarching stories and characters; unifying righteous riffs.

Fresh off another year of touring the midwest, south, and east coasts with festival appearances at SXSW, Rhythm Brew, and Whispering Beard, and tastemaker appearances at places like Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn, FFN has shared stages with Jason Isbell, Damien Jurado, Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, Spiderbags, Wussy, and many more.

What folks are saying:

"FFN may have the complexion of its southern alt-rock forebears, but ‘Freaks’ explores connectivity between the likes of Kinks, Leon Russell and Big Star spat out of youth and 1960’s idealism." - Matt Patton (Drive-By Truckers)   

"Frontier Folk Nebraska are brilliant in channeling their love for the greats - and we do mean capital-G Greats - to create their own brand of distinctly American rock. Freaks is a nine-song testament to the seemingly effortless way in which FFN create instantly singable melodies. These Midwestern misfits have always been great, but this is their strongest work to date, rich with songs that feel instantly familiar and yet wholly new. Music that reminds you of how thankful you are to be alive. The record as a whole asks the listener to find those things in life that make you walk taller. Well, for this listener, one of those things would have to be Freaks. Who makes records like this anymore? Frontier Folk Nebraska, that’s who. It’s FREAK Americana, if you will. Plus, the writing is excellent and the playing is never less than spot on. And there’s a song called 'Walking In Latonia.' Latonia, for fuck’s sake." - Lisa Walker/ Chuck Cleaver (Wussy)
"The Minutemen and ZZ Top crash head-on someplace between the Pacific Coast Highway and I-35. Everyone dies. No one is arrested. The ghosts of the deceased become Frontier Folk Nebraska, committed to bind together in their ill-gotten afterlife. And so it is with their astonishing new LP "Freaks", a gut punch of outsider wisdom and real time worried blues. You could call it a grave robbing of Allman and Bolan, but you could never call it a desecration. "Hip To Silence" is the best Exile track since the reissues. This is the best record." - Elizabeth Bracy (Oxford American, Ringer, Paranoid Style)

Label: Old Flame

Condition: NEW