MR. DIBBS: Ugly and Proud, Vol. 3 7"

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Released 2005  / 7" Shake 727

MR. DIBBS - Ugly and Proud, Vol. 3 7" 
SIDE A: Ugly and…

SIDE B: Proud

Shake It has returned with the third volume of its ongoing limited edition featuring Cincinnati's premiere turntable idiot-savant, Mr. Dibbs. Dibbs continues to reinvent turntable-ism, as well as his cut-and-paste manipulations, with each new release. According to Dibbs, other artists are "stuck on all that rare break bullshit...which is great 'cos it leaves me with all the good shit."

Label: Shake It

Condition: New, Old, unplayed stock. Bit of storage wear. 

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