BPA - Maybe Use My Knife? 1980-1986 (CD)

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An outstanding reissue of one of Cincinnati's most influential - and one of Ohio's most criminally overlooked - bands. BPA fits into the pantheon of Ohio Art Punk bands along with Pere Ubu and their precursors, as well early Devo and a plethora of overseas post-punk outfits. This collection comps the best of their debut self-titled 12", the "Moving and Storage" LP, and sides from their unreleased "Big 4" LP. Essential!

No Heat / Thorazine Cheerleader / Buyer Beware / Late Nite TV / My Son / My Sister's Ex / Boots Make You Taller / Dining Room / Wally Song / Forensic Dentist / Bus Song / Shot in the Dark / Pretty Things/ Etcetc / Jump Into the Fire / 2 Days Off / Piss on the Flag / Blind Dog / Trillionaire / Just Got Wet 

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