Wilco - Ode to Joy LP Indie Exclusive Pink Vinyl

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NOTE: This single LP release was packaged in a double LP, single pocket sleeve which can cause warping.  Before we ship, we will open the record, leave it in the shrink & check for any issues. We will ship the LP outside the sleeve in a plastic sleeve with a LP padder in the sleeve to prevent any creasing because of the "double wideness".  Don't want any surprises when it arrives to you.  Just enjoyment.

The record is, in a weird way, an ode; this terrible stuff is happening, this deepening sense of creeping authoritarianism that weighs on everybody's psyche on a daily basis, and you're allowed to feel a lot of things at once. And one thing that is worth feeling, that is worth fighting for, is your freedom to still have joy even though things are going to shit." - Jeff Tweedy

Label: dBpm Records

Condition: NEW