V/A We Were Living In Cincinnati : Punk and Underground Music from Cincinnati 1975-82 LP

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We are stocked to present WE WERE LIVING IN CINCINNATI  a "Killed By Death' or "Bloodstains' style LP compilation covering the golden era of Cincinnati, OH punk and underground music from Southwest Ohio 1975-82.  It is  the culmination of a long-idealized project from Peter Aaron of the Chrome Cranks, who amassed a large collection of Cincinnati-area records and demo tapes from the 70s & 80s, lots of which have never been comped before, and several of which are presented here on vinyl for the first time anywhere. We all love the incredible music from Ohio's other more well-known punk spawning grounds, and Ohio is THE Mesopotamia of Punk after all, so it's our great pleasure to release another lesser-known corner of the state's rich underground music history for you, and man is it gonna change your mind about Cincinnati!

While the more famous punk parties were going full swing in Warholian New York, press-savvy London, glittery LA, and other big towns, the early scenes in Ohio’s cities were toughing it out on their own. Instead of being courted with major-label deals, their handfuls of brave bands were mostly ignored, ridiculed, and physically threatened within their surrounding hostile environments. And although the pioneering activities in Cleveland and Akron have been well documented through several compilations, the early action in southern Ohio’s largest city has not—until now. Tirelessly compiled, annotated, researched, and produced by punk historian, author, and musician Peter Aaron (the Chrome Cranks, Young Skulls) and co-released by HoZac Records and Shake It! Records’ Music from Ohio series, We Were Living in Cincinnati rounds up rare, raw tracks (18 on vinyl LP plus 15 bonus download-only cuts) by 21 of the town’s toughest, coolest punk and new wave outfits, several of them sourced from unheard tapes by acts who never released records in their day.
Surveying the period from 1975 through 1982, We Were Living in Cincinnati encompasses a stunningly diverse range of stylistic shades for a smaller, out-of-the way scene. Here’s everything from garage/rockabilly rave-ups (the Customs) and Ubu-ish art-skronk (BPA) through thuggish thrashing (the Ed Davis Band), melodic power pop (the Rockers), Dada-driven No wave (11,000 Switches), snotty teen brattiness (Beef, the Verbs), synth-propelled, Screamers-style mania (the Dents), Dead Boys-esque aggression (the Rave-N’s), scraping ska punk (the Erector Set), postpunk Anglophilia (Dream 286), glammy garage (Dennis the Menace), unhinged noise (Teddy & the Frat Girls), MC5-damaged protopunk (Bitter Blood), and more—all of it remastered straight from scarce singles and long-lost cassettes.

Included is a tri-fold poster insert with meticulous liner notes and track annotations, rare photos and flier images, and a family tree of early Cincinnati bands, as well as a free download. God save the Queen City. A sharply packaged rock ’n’ roll revelation, We Were Living in Cincinnati unearths one of American punk’s unjustly forgotten and most interesting early scenes.

Limited first pressing of 500

Label:  Hozac / Shake It

Condition: New

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