Dee Dee Ramone - Deadline Demos 10"

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Street Date: June 26, 2020

In 1989 (from when approximately the demos on this record date), Dee Dee Ramone having fled both New York and The Ramones arrived in London's Portobello Road area via a brief aborted link-up with Stiv Bators and Johnny Thunders in Paris, was in London to seek out fellow UK punk rock contemporaries with a plan to form a new band. Dee Dee was introduced by mutual friend Brian James of the Damned to Alan Lee Shaw and George Butler  and a band formed - Dee Dee Ramone’s Deadline. With rehearsals underway, Alan on bass/backing vocals, George drums and Dee Dee guitar/lead vocals, the project was soon up and running and in the process of negotiating a recording deal with Overground Records, the release would be promoted with a UK tour, when due to unforeseen circumstances (mainly the state of Dee Dee’s mental/physical shape), the project was sadly and frustratingly brought to an abrupt end having only just started. The demos on this release, although unfinished work in progress recordings, nevertheless, form an historical record that show flashes of Dee Dee’s genius as one of punk’s most important original songwriters.

Label: Overground (UK)

Condition: New Released in an open plastic sleeve

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