Tritones - Sweet & Lovely b/w Blues In The Closet 10" 78 RPM

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USED 78 RPM 10"

Tritones - Sweet & Lovely

b/w Blues In The Closet

Relatively easy to find on 7" but surfaces much less often on 78 - especially in this condition!

Label: Jamie

Please note: Due to the fragile nature of the format we only ship 78s domestically. 

To grade 78's we use the trusty VJM Grading Guide. (See below) We also test play the discs on our in-house Rega 78 Turntable

Vinyl: Strong E
A super clean copy. Bright, strong luster. 

Note: We tend not to "over clean" 78's so  you may be able to bump it up a grade with your own cleaning process.

Labels: Some blemishes on A side  - looks like it may have gotten wet at some point. A very faint stain on B. See pics.
Sleeve: Stock

The VJM Record Grading Guide for 78s 
N (78) M (LP)  :  As new and unplayed (there are virtually no 78s that can categorically be claimed to be unplayed).

N- (78) M- (LP)  :  Nearly Mint, but has been played. No visible signs of wear or damage.

E+ (78) VG+ (LP)  :  Plays like new, with very, very few signs of handling, such as tiny scuffs from being slipped in and out of jackets.

E (78) VG (LP)  :  Still very shiny, near new looking, with no visible signs of wear, but a few inaudible scuffs and scratches.

E- (78) VG- (LP)  :   Still shiny but without the lustre of a new record, few light scratches.

V+ (78) G+ (LP.) V+   :  Is an average condition 78 in which scuffs and general use has dulled the finish somewhat. Wear is moderate but playing is generally free from distortion. Surface noise not overly pronounced. No skips or repeat grooves.

V (78) G (LP). Moderate, even wear throughout, but still very playable. Surface noise and scratches audible but not intrusive.

V- (78) G- (LP). Quite playable still, but distortion and heavy greying in loud passages. Music remains loud in most passages. Surface noise and scratches well below music level.

G+ (78). Grey throughout but still serviceable. Music begins to sound muffled. Heavy scratches.

G (78). Quite seriously worn and scratched, but music level is still higher than surface noise.

G- (78). Music still prominent, but wear and scratch damage extensive.

F (78). Most of music remains audible over surface noise, but listening now uncomfortable.

P (78). Unplayable.