Cardi B. - Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 LP Black Friday 2019

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The mixtape that started it all for Cardi B. 

1. “Intro (Skit)” (feat. The Breakfast Club) 2. “Trust Issues” 3. “On Fleek” 4. “Washpoppin” 5. “Her Perspective (Skit)” 6. “Selfish (feat. Josh X)” 7. “I Gotta Hurt You” 8. “Foreva” 9. “Trick (skit)” (feat. Haitian V) 10. “Trick” 11. “Lit Thot” 12. “Sauce Boyz” 13. “Outro (Skit)” (feat. Lisa Evers)

Label: Empire

Condition: NEW

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