Bodega - Shiny New Model 12" EP Ltd. Ed. Green Vinyl

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The mini album Shiny New Model covers various thematic ground: history
alive in the present, the sadness of modern consumption, adultery via
sexting, and a song set inside an actual bodega (‘Shiny New Model’).
In addition to the breezy hook-filled songs, the vinyl and CD feature
an extended improvised version of the group’s staple track Truth Is
Not Punishment (an abbreviated ‘radio edit’ of this track will be
available on streaming services). The band has been using this song as
a vehicle for live improvisation for a year and decided to use a day
of the session to experiment with capturing the song’s new, extended
boundaries in the studio.

BODEGA are Ben Hozie (conductor, vocals, guitar), Nikki Belfiglio (art
director, vocals, samples, hi hat), Heather Elle (bass), and Madison
Velding Vandam (lead guitar, producer). Also introducing new recruit
Tai Lee as their new stand-up percussionist. (Original drummer Montana
Simone has left to pursue painting and sculpture).

Label: What's Your Rupture

Condition: NEW