Billy Miller & Michael Hurtt - Mind Over Matter: The Myths & Mysteries of Detroit's Fortune Records BK

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Published October 2020

Massive 576 pages - full color - hardcover - ltd first edition. MIND OVER MATTER was the brainchild and obsession of Billy Miller, who wanted nothing more than to share with the world his love for the independent Midwest label whose origins, development, roster, and output absolutely enthralled him. Friend and author Michael Hurtt joined the project and the idea of a book about Fortune Records took wing. We are finally here with the ultimate story about a defunct Detroit label that continues to inspire and excite the imagination. Please help us make this a reality with your early order for this limited hardcover history of Fortune Records. We have a few exciting value bundles for early orders which include a Mind Over Matter tote and additional items from Kicks Books, which now celebrates ten years in action. Please check them out, too s they are a great value. As fate would have it, Mind Over Matter is the 17th book, the first hardcover from the home of "hip pocket paperbacks". We hope this book will hold a treasured place in your home and that when you read it, you will flash to the "truly great music" of Fortune.

Publisher: Kicks Books

Condition: New  

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