Jeremy Pinnell - Goodbye L.A. LP Shake It Exclusive on Neon Magenta Vinyl SIGNED

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Signed in Silver Sharpie

 proceeds (minus shipping costs & payment processing) of the sale of this signed edition will go to Flood Relief in Eastern Kentucky. Half will go to Appalshop & half will go to Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund.  Yup, we usually just charge the same for signed LPs but we added a few $$  since this is a fundraiser. 

If you want to give more you can follow these links. Team Kentucky and Appalshop .

Please note, if you are in Cincy we are still collecting CLEANING SUPPLIES that will be sent down shortly. Please drop off by Sunday Aug. 22.  THANK YOU!!!

We are happy to once again team up with Oh Boy Records & offer an Arlo McKinley Shake It Exclusive !!! We pressed up 300 for Shake It customers on "Cincinnati Red "Vinyl .  Here's a chance for Cincy / Shake It ex-pats to grab a copy! 

Label: Sofaburn

Condition: New. Shrink removed so Jeremy could sign 'em

Thanks for shopping with a real brick n mortar joint!

Street Date: Oct. 1, 2021

Ultra-limited edition Shake It Exclusive on Neon Magenta Vinyl !! 

We are ecstatic to team up with Sofaburn for a Shake It variant exclusive to celebrate Shake It bud, Jeremy Pinnell's latest.! 

Steeped in the sounds of Muscle Shoals, Bakersfield, Stax, and all the other bastions of the groove, with more hooks and pockets than an angler's convention. True ensemble playing with the finest taste for each moment, always serving the songs. Road tested, mirror shined, legit.

Track list:
Big Ol Good
Wanna Do Something
Red Roses
Night Time Eagle
Never Thought Of No One
Doing My Best
Goodbye LA
Fighting Man

When Jeremy Pinnell released OH/KY in the summer of 2015 to stunned acclaim, it felt like an entire career compressed into one knock-out album. Hailed as, a “Mind-blowingly good” (GregVandy/KEXP) “ ”tutorial on classic country music” (Popmatters), Pinnell’s debut immediately differentiated as authentic and unflinching. Dogged touring through Europe and the States and celebrated radio sessions followed, cementing Pinnell’s position as a no-fuss master of his craft.His 2017 album, Ties of Blood and Affection presented a canny lateral move. Instead of doubling down on the stark themes and values of his debut, the sophomore album found Pinnell finding comfort in his own skin, achieving the redemption only hinted at in his previous batch ofhaunted songs. If the third time’s a charm, Pinnell is all shine and sparkle on the forthcoming Goodbye LA. Produced by Texan Jonathan Tyler, the tunes buff the wax and polish the chrome on Country music’s deeper roots. Rooted in his steady acoustic guitar, Pinnell’s songs are shot through with honest and classic elements.The rhythm section, all snap and shuffle, finds purpose in well-worn paths.The pedal steel and Telecaster stingers arrive perfectly on cue, winking at JP’s world-wise couplets .Here slippery organ insinuates gospel into the conversation. You can feel the room breathe and get a sense of these musicians eyeballing each other as their performances are committed to tape. And through it all comes this oaken identity, thedevastating centerpiece of his work. Honest and careworn, Jeremy’s voice can touch on wry, jubilant, and debauched-all in a single line. At his best, Jeremy Pinnell chronicles the joy and sorrow of being human, which is the best that anyone could do.