Hello! Thanks for getting off at our exit on the innerweb highway! If it is your first time, "Welcome!" If you are swinging through again, "Well, thanks for checking in!" This site is mainly geared toward general info about the shop and online sales for the Label and Preorders, so if you are looking for current stuff goin' on at the shop check the social media links to the right or sign up for our weekly newsletter. We update those pipelines almost daily, and they will fill you in on in-stores, new releases, special happenings and whatnots.

Also, just over to the right you'll see a link for exclusives, pre-orders, etc. You can go there and pre-order colored vinyl variants and other limited or expanded editions. We mostly direct folks there from our social media pages for such things. By no means do we list every new release, just highly anticipated titles that we feel will be limited out of the gate. You can also find some of the signed editions that we rustle up for Shake It customers from such bands as Royal Blood, Mike Gordon, Against Me!, Magpie Salute and more.

We are busy gearing up for the release of Wussy's latest, What Heaven Is Like, due May 18th on CD and shortly after on LP. We will be shipping CDs to arrive on or shortly before May 18th and LPs will ship early to Mid June. You can order here or on Wussy's Bandcamp page. The album will be released by us in the States and Damnably in the UK/EU. On Heaven, the band continue their longstanding tradition of combining supernatural tales and workaday anthems, with inspirations that range from the monsters of urban legends to late-night public television viewing. The new record builds on the momentum of their prior two releases Attica! and Forever Sounds, with sonic and melodic nods to Springsteen, Mercury Rev, Unrest, Neu! and The Replacements' Pleased to Meet Me, with songs at once devastating and hopeful. Highlights include a ballad for a beloved television heroine, a pair of Kath Bloom and Twinkeyz covers and a three-song suite inspired by Charles Burns' brilliant and ever-timely graphic novel Black Hole. The pre-order on Bandcamp will also offer early access to "Gloria", the first song to be released off the record

In other Wussy related news, we are finally closing in on some Ass Ponys reissues which will be finalized and sent off soon, as well as a reissue of the Wussy Duo CD EP on 10" vinyl. Chuck Cleaver is also wrapping up his first solo LP, which will probably surface in late Summer.

Busy, busy, busy .... We also have Volume 5 in our Music from Ohio series being laid out and remastered now. We will be announcing this highly sought-after nugget shortly so check back. It will be followed up pretty quick with volume 6 and 7 by the mid Summer of 2018 ! All long out of print good stuff! We promise!

Here's some some of our more recent releases and additions to the online catalog...

Last Record Store Day we released along with Rhinegeist Brewery a split 7" with local faves The Tillers and Frontier Folk Nebraska, pressed on limited "Slow Jam" blue vinyl with a beer song on the topside and a work song on the flip. Fitting indeed! We also have the vinyl debut of Wussy's S/T 3rd release. Not sure what took us so long on that one but it's here now!

Check the online catalog for some local-centric releases including some cassettes (with download) of Lisa Walker's Magic Words project (lots of pre-Wussy musings). The limited cassette was issued for Lisa's Winter 2017 UK tour, and we got a nice chunk for us fans here in the States. We also recently unearthed up some old stock on Chuck Cleaver's past.... We have the Ass Ponys debut release on Okra Records out of Columbus, OH. This is the last of the sealed stock of Mr. Superlove on CD. We also have a small stash of Chuck's early, pre-AP's outfit, Gomez on 7". And lastly we have a handful of the Men Without Bones CD.... a squawking cacophony of noise from 1980 featuring Tim Schwallie of The Wolverton Brothers and BPA. Note: Don't sleep! This is ALL limited stock, and when it's gone there ain't gonna be no more.

We are ecstatic to welcome good bud Jeremy Pinnell to the Shake It Label Extended Family as we help out with an expanded LP co-release with Sofaburn of his debut S/T CD. OH/KY tells the story of Jeremy's life, and it's a damn good story. It has all the things people love to read about. And most of all, it's a true story that's been recorded in the most honest way possible - simple and stark. The group of players on the album are The 55s, a honky tonk band out of The Queen City who lay the foundation so Jeremy's voice can shine and his story can come to life. We've added an additional 12" of 8 tracks of stripped down, stark takes of just Jeremy, a guitar, a voice and a chair. Copies of all these (and more!) are available online via the Shake It Mailorder Catalog.

Welcome to the online home to the Shake It Records storefront, label and mailorder. A lil' history…the Shake It Records Label was started by Jess Hirbe & Doc Kalmus in 1978 as a way to issue records from local no-goods - mainly The Customs. It sat dormant for most of the 1980's until it was revived to issue The Mortals "The One" 7' in 1993. Since then, the label's present owners have released (or will soon release) albums, CD's & 7"s from The Ass Ponys, Nomads, Hogscraper, Hasil Adkins, The Cowslingers, Tigerlilies, Long Gones, Thee Shams, Pearlene, Man or Astroman? Dalhart Imperials, Eric Kinsey & His Tip-Top Daddies, Crimson Sweet, Wussy, Dan Melchior, John Doe (1200 Hobos), Viva La Foxx, The Not, Glue, Customs, Mr. Dibbs, Greenhornes & more. Some titles remain in print & are available through the label page.

Along the way we began selling other music we liked via the label-related mailorder catalog that eventually evolved into a 1,000 square foot storefront in the Spring of 1999 in the neighborhood of Northside - just outside of downtown Cincinnati, one neighborhood over from the University of Cincinnati. On Sept, 11th 2001 we moved to our present 3,200+ square foot location just a block south of our original site. For a complete tour of our storefront please go to tour the store. If you happen to be passin' through Cincinnati, we are just a few minutes off of both the I-74 & I-75 highways. Click here for directions.

Our current store stocks over 25,000 titles on vinyl and 15,000 titles on compact disc. In addition, we have well-stocked used cd & lp selections. We carry some mainstream releases, but we specialize in independent labels from the obvious to the obscure - Chicago post-punk art-rock to Ethiopian boog-a-loo and all stops in between - rockabilly, vintage soul, r&b & blues, punk/hardcore, classic country & the best of the new breed, 60's garage & psych, reggae/dub/rocksteady & vintage ska, krautrock, creative hip-hop & electronica, tons of straight ahead rock n' roll & "alternative", plus vintage bop, cool & avant garde jazz, cult soundtracks, Afrobeat/funk, "difficult listening" and much more. We're introducing new releases and back catalog items every day, so there's always something new in the bins. It would be physically impossible for us to carry every title we would like, so we offer a special order program that gives us access to over 400,000 domestic & import titles at any one time in all genres and on all available formats. Many show up in a couple of days while others, like some imports & microscopic indies, are a bit trickier and take more time. In addition we also carry a related selection of over 1200 DVD's, 3,000 books and nearly 400 music & related culture magazines & fanzines. In addition we also stock an ever rotating selection of kubricks, be@rbricks, limited edition Japanese & Western vinyl figures from such designers as Michael Lau, Dalek, Kaws, Brothersfree and many others.

Our continued growth is due to our commitment to providing quality customer service, striving for the best selection of music in Cincinnati, our enthusiasm for the music we sell & its related culture and involvement in our community. We know our customers have choices when it comes to fulfilling their music needs and we appreciate the opportunity in trying to meet those needs.

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