West Virginia Dog Track Boogie
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CD Shake 512

The 'Slingers left the more country aspects of their sound behind 'em and "create" their biggest rock n' roll album to date. Filled with ZZ-Top inspired mud smeared all over the typical Cowslingers fair of waking up face down in a ditch...again. Ten rock anthems that left most other albums that year in the dust.

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Track Listing:
 1.)    W.V. Dog Track Boogie
 2.)    Cha Cha Heels
 3.)    Sweet Emotion
 4.)    Twister
 5.)    Mexican Blackbird
 6.)    Must've Been The Whiskey
 7.)    Little Scenemaker
 8.)    Bathroom Wall
 9.)    Wilbert's Song
 10.)    Cowslinger Theme
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