Left For Dead LP
LP Shake 1258

Wussy returns with Left For Dead, the follow-up to 2005ís finely received debut, Funeral Dress (also on Shake It). The mood turns from the despair & just getting through it all of Funeral Dress to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and then soaking in the sunís rays on Left For Dead (despite the title!)

With this release the band steps further away from Chuck Cleaverís Ass Ponysí past and continues to create collectively on their own path. Production duties this time out fell on the shoulders of John Curley (Afghan Whigs, Staggering Statistics) who managed to somehow balance all the parts of Wussy as equals: From swampy-Americana to Velvet Underground infused folk to bedroom-produced pop-jems Left for Dead is again filled with the lyrical style that became commonplace on the first where the thoughts & emotions are cut-to-the-bone and worn on the sleeve. And again, through it all, Wussy makes the average, mundane life seem remarkable. Isnít that life?

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