Dulli, Greg & Drive-By Truckers
Vols. 1 & 2 of Dangerous Highway: A Tribute To The Songs of Eddie Hinton
2 x 7" Shake 770 & 771

These will start shipping the week of 11/08/09

“A scene that always sticks in my mind is Dylan on the back porch of Muscle Shoals studio, trading licks on acoustic guitar with Eddie Hinton. They buddied up & for a while were inseparable. How strange & wonderful to remember Bob Dylan & Eddie Hinton as soul brothers - two poets, one world renowned, the other known only to a few friends, neighbors & fans, both riveting artists, both brilliant.” - Jerry Wexler

Some artists considered geniuses spend a lifetime in the spotlight. Some artists, deemed the same, spend their time in the shadows helping that elusive spotlight shine a little brighter on others. Nothing could be truer to that sentiment than the career of songwriter/singer/guitarist Eddie Hinton. As a key player in the Muscle Shoals Sound, his session work quickly becomes a game of Six Degrees of Eddie Hinton that connects Dusty Springfield to Toots of The Maytals, Herbie Mann to The Staple Singers, Lulu to Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett to UB40 and Aretha Franklin to countless others… and throughout, one constant stands at the center: Eddie Hinton & his uniquely passionate, soulful vision.

This series is a humble attempt to shine that same spotlight on Eddie for a well-deserved standing ovation. Everyone on their feet!

Greg Dulli offers up a great take on the pretty-much autobiographical "Hard Luck Guy" while on the flip his sends up a top shelf cover of 'Cover Me" that Eddie wrote for Percy Sledge.

Drive-By Truckers cover "Where's Eddie" co-written by Donnie Fritts & Eddie while the the flip is a solid take on "Everybody Needs Love"

Volumes Available In The Dangerous Highway Series:
Vol. 1 Greg Dulli – “Hard Luck Guy” / “Cover Me” (Shake 770)
Vol. 2 Drive-By Truckers – “Where’s Eddie” / “Everybody Needs Love” (Shake 771)

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