Easy Action
She Ain't My Girlfriend
7" Shake 763

Easy Action are from the most dangerous rock & roll city on earth, Detroit. You can hear it in every blue-black note they play. It has been a spell since they last showed their teeth, but now they return with a new 7" courtesy of Shake It Records. John Brannon & Harold Richardson, having solidified the band with the long running and atom-bomb rhythm section of Tony Romeo & Matt Becker, let loose with a single that would be right at home on the 1970 Alice Cooper LP that bears their name. Their pedigree is incomparable, their attitude, unstoppable. The voice is back. You have all been warned.

The first recorded output from Easy Action in 4+ years brings us a killer, topside decked-out with a take on the
Cheap Trick classic, Elo KiddiesÖ

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