Long Gones
Highway Sound 1996 - 1998
Out of stock / print
Shake It 560

The Longs Retrospective - 41 Tracks. Basically everything the band did - both Shake It releases - and a TON of unrelased high octane burners. This thing is RELENTLESS, Turks/Pagans/Ohio punk rock n' roll!

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Over the last 10 years we issued nearly 60 CD's, LP's, 7"s & even a few books. When you buy a sampler pack we'll pick 5 random selections from our back catalog from such folks like The Cowslingers, Glue, Dan Melchior, Wussy, Shams, Viva La Foxx, Pearlene, Eric Kinsey, The Not, Staggering Statistics, Dalhart Imperials, Customs, Kenny Smith, BPA & many more. Its a great way to check out some new stuff & if ya dont dig a few of 'em march on down to yer local used cd shop & trade 'em in & yer basically even! Thats 5 items for the price one 1 Shake It full length CD!

Available on our label page.

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