scribe / D. Ross & Dean Blase
There's An Octopus Under My Bed!
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Shake It, Ink.

Beds arenít only for sleeping. Sometimes, like boats or trains or planes, they can take whoeverís in them on fantastic trip. In Thereís an Octopus Under My Bed, young Elijah goes on a faraway jaunt without leaving his bedroom. The trip takes him to the Galapagos Islands and beyond, and along the way he meets some very unusual creatures. He also learns how to deal with new and sometimes scary situations, and discovers the importance of making new friends while sticking by the old ones. Dean Blase's memorable prose brings a gentle sense of whimsy to Elijahís unexpected adventures, while scribe's illustrations portray the creatures, including the title one, as amusing and memorable. Some characters in the book have already be seen in some of his murals & gallery shows - others are appearing for the first time. Originally rendered with spray paint and then transferred to the computer screen, Ross's dazzling illustrations are sure to please both young readers and the adults with whom they share this read-aloud treasure.

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