Adkins, Hasil
Drinkin' My Life Away
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CD Shake 516

13 cuts of patented caveman stomp mastered from D-90 cassettes that have been sitting on the Haze's front porch for the last couple months. This collection, hand-picked by the man himself, runs through all the stops from frantic no-holds-barred hunchers to a Jimmie Rodgers-like work-up to a couple of tear jerkers perfectly packaged for all yer Haze needs. Words can't even begin to describeÖ

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Track Listing:
 1.)    Missing You Baby
 2.)    Chicken Wobble
 3.)    Get Out of My Car
 4.)    Lonesome Road Blues
 5.)    Madison Blues
 6.)    Carry Your Books From School
 7.)    Change Gears on That Thing
 8.)    Everything Is Moving Too Fast
 9.)    Chocolate Milk Honeymoon
 10.)    Save Me Some Loving
 11.)    You're Too Young For Me
 12.)    Talking Yes & No
 13.)    Drinkin' My Life Away
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