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The instrumental band occupies a reserved space in the pantheon of rock music. They have by design foregone the traditional in order to reach some new, untouched area of expression.

The objective of 'finding a singer" never even entered into the picture for Kevin Schimdt, bassist & founding member of Ampline. After years of playing in bands, he came to appreciate the beauty of simply writing and laying music, regardless of whether or not some jerk wanted to stand out front holding a microphone.

Five years, a few lineup changes and a handful of records later, finding a singer is even less of an issue. The solidified lineup os Schimdt, Rick mccarty (drums) & Mike Montgomery (guitar) is committed to carrying the Ampline torch as long as the fucker will burn.

In a genre of music littered with music students churning out buttery fluff, Ampline has carved quite a niche for itself by playing music that is decidedly very rock. That's not to say they are without their pretty moments. Even a cursory listen to 2002's full length The Choir, or the recently completed Roasary illustrates the expansive scope of the songs' reach. Full-throtle jams stop & turn on a dime, easing into quieter, more melodic reprieves. Montgomery's guitar is fluid, forever searching and investigate, while Schmidt & McCarty seem to know instinctually when to pummel and when to caress. Although one does hear voices now & again, the absence of a singer puts the focus squarely on the music. the release of The Choir laid down a declaration of intent; Rosary offers total and pure execution. Ampline may not have a singer, but they surely have a voice.

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