Smith, Kenny
One More Day
CD Shake 551

Shake It is proud to issue the first ever career retrospective (1965-1973) from Midwest Soul legend, Kenny Smith. One More Day showcases Smith as a ìOne-Man Brill Buildingî: writing, performing & producing his own compositions. Included in this collection are the classic ìLord, Whatís Happening To Your Peopleî & ìGo For Yourselfî, as well as ultra-rare ìSkunkieî, the title track ìOne More Dayî as well as a few unreleased sides. One More Day runs stylistically from the vocal group sound & pop-tinged R&B to funk & classic northern soul. Itís all hereÖ all from man. Kenny Smith.

Kenny Smith records are prized pieces in the hands of r&b, funk & soul aficionados all over the world. Some releases like ìSkunkieî (less than 5 known copies) on the ultra-elusive Kogan label, & our title track, ìOne More Dayî, and various versions on ìGo For Your Selfî rarely surface and when they do, its not cheap. Because of such sides as ìLord, Whatís Happened?î, Kenny became a cult figure on the British Northern Soul scene in the mid to late 70ís & he remains so to this day. He continues to receive favorable attention on the playlists of rare-groove soul & funk DJís through out the world.

1. îLord, What's Happenedî Kenny Smith
2. îMy Day Is Comingî Kenny Smith
3. îHere Comes The Lawî Kenny Smith and The Fox Fire Band
4. îGo For Your Self (Part 1 & 2)î Edit Kenny Smith & The Loveliters
5. îThe Same Old Storyî Kenny Smith
6. îForgivenessî Kenny & The Sole Selection
7. îSkunkieî Kenny Smith and the Maximum Feeling
8. îWoman (I Can't Do Enough)î Kenny Smith and The Lovelighters
9.îDeep In My Heartî Kenny Smith
10. îKeep On Walkiní Babyî Kenny Smith
11. îGo For Yourselfî Kenny Smith
12. îNightbeatî Kenny Smith and The Niteliters
13. îLet's Get Togetherî Kenny Smith
14. îWe Have Each Otherî Kenny Smith
15. îEverybody Knows I Love Youî Kenny Smith and the Maximum Feeling
16. îOne More Dayî Kenny Smith and the Loveliters
17. îGo For Your Bad Selfî Kenny & The Sole Selection
18. îFoxfireî Kenny Smith

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