Viva La Foxx
I Knew It Wasn't Love But...
CD Shake 552

Its been a long time coming but one of Cincinnatiís most notorious have landed their first CD. Fueled by a bad attitude and a sexy, drunken swagger, Viva La Foxx leaves a strong impression on all who cross their paths and I Knew It Wasnít Love ButÖ brings together eight of those ìstrong impressionsî onto one disc.

The sound this co-ed r n ër outfit skronks out is akin to a pulsating Bikini Kill smeared with a blues dirge that comes off as an amphetamine-soaked version of the Scientists. Or something like that. Kinda. The over-the-top, fucked-up, angular-blues bent that surfaces throughout is brought into the mixture via Reuben, who also serves time in Pearlene. In Pearlene heís the frontman, here, he shares duties with co-vocalist & guitarist Amy Jo and bassist Danielle B.

Six of the eight tracks on I Knew It Wasnít Love ButÖ are originals; two are covers: The Outsiders (the Dutch ones) are covered via ìDoctorî while Teddy & The Frat Girls get a send up by VLF on ìClubniteî. Both have always been set ending train wrecks and for that reason have been included here.

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