Idiots on Parade
Shake It, Ink.

Shake It Records' new publishing imprint, Shake It, Ink., is proud to announce the release of its first book, DF: Idiots on Parade. The 112 page, full color book is the first overview of the famously notorious DF graffiti crew & their legal & illegal creations. Collectively, DF is made up of 21 (plus a few slackers) artists (including Aero, Cycle, Dalek, East, Emit, Gaze, Jive, Just 195, Lead, Merz, Nace, Noble, Quisp, Rapes, REM, Scribe, Seak, Sub, T. Dee, Vogues, When) 21 of these artists are featured in DF: Idiots on Parade.

Both collectively & individually, DF has left their mark on the graffiti landscape all over the world. Just in the last 5 years DF's membership has shown their work in over 50 group or solo gallery & museum shows all throughout the US as well as Canada, Japan and England. Their work & names consistently turn up in such magazines Arkitip, Mass Appeal, Juztapoz, Graffiti World, Art Papers, the now defunct Scribble, and of course numerous other graffiti mags & websites. Two (Merz & Sub) even turned up on NBC's The Apprentice!

Using graffiti as a artistic stepping off point, many have explored other areas of the arts including commercial design, still life & landscape painting, toy design, authoring & illustrating children's books, tattoo artist, and in one case, aspiring rodeo clown! Some members have had collections published, including Dalek's 2 previously published books: Nickel Plated Angels & Sonic Order of Happiness, while others have been included in collections such as Merz in Ginko Press' recently published Autograf as well as Subís inclusion in Getting Up: Contents Under
Pressure and Cycle contributions to A History of Washington, D.C. Graffiti

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