Ass Ponys
Okra Years, The
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2 CD set Shake 535

The long awaited 2 cd reissue of the early Ass Ponys' Okra Records releases... those being Mr. Superlove & Grim. Some stuff has been dropped & some unreleased & out of print titles have been added... and all have been remastered. Its a night & day listening difference on a big chunk of the 2 cds - especially those tracks that were taken from Grim.

Included are the unreleased "Is it Blood?", live "Go Go Kitty" & "All Tomorrow's Parties" (As Chuck sez in the liner notes "Yeah, we did a Velvets cover. Kill us now.") the now out-of-print Pere Ubu cover "Not Happy" some more alternate versions & more.

See also: Wussy "Funeral Dress" featuring Chuck Cleaver.

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