Long Gones
Prepare To Burn
LP Shake 1217

The Long Gones quickly made a name for themselves after racking up some favorable reviews for their 7". This long play added Stace on guitar to help 'em force it down a few more throats. The result was a little more rock n' roll & a little less punk...kinda like fellow Ohio no-counts, The Pagans.

Track Listing:
 1.)    Prepare To Burn
 2.)    Make Things Worse
 3.)    Sick In Bed
 4.)    Earthquake Shake
 5.)    Can't Pay The Rent
 6.)    Rather Be Alone
 7.)    Something New
 8.)    Can't Stand You
 9.)    (She's Got) Nowhere To Go But Down
 10.)    Come On
 11.)    Heads or Tails
 12.)    Give Up
 13.)    What I Like
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