Hogscraper (reissued & remastered)
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CD Shake 545

Finally! The remastered self-titled debut from Cincinnati's legendary HOGSCRAPER!!!! New, full color expanded artwork and 4 bonus tracks from the pre-CD Subliminal Pig sessions!

Nothing like 'em before 'em & nothing like 'em after 'em!
Imagine if Jon Spencer, circa his Crypt Label area, had
come outta Hazard, KY Ö. You'll start to get a sense of what this Pagan jugband was all about. Set to the background of Uncle Dave Macon on acid, Hogscraper unleashed this set of backwoods dementia on a public who's heads are still reeling from it. Gwar meets Flatt & Scruggs. Best review we ever read of it was, "Southern Culture On The SkidsÖwithout the charm."

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