Crimson Sweet
Blood Transfusion
7" Shake 741

A 3 track teaser from Crimson Sweet's full length Shake It debut, Take It! (Coming in early '05).

Their raw, gutter soul has earned them rightful comparisons to Dead Moon, early Replacements, & The Avengers. Crimson Sweet are one of NYC's greater, lesser known bands but touring & a steady recorded output is getting the word out!

"Exceeds all expectations. Mandatory rockage!" - Carbon 14

"Combines the new wave of British heavy metal with no-wave punk rock... elements of glam, Husker Du, Joan Jett, Cheap Trick..." - Pencil Fight

"A brazen, swarmy mess of rock n' roll. Its a got a fresh blast that my ass wasnt expecting. Refreshing & raw." - Horizontal Action

Also available: Livin In Strut & some earlier 7"s can be found in our Entire Online Catalog listing.

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