Cowslinger Deluxe
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CD Shake 528

Cowlsinger Deluxe is the band's 8th full length release & let's be honest, it's a mother. The 'slingers have never had any fear about taking the best parts from country, rockabilly, punk and garage and the rest of the filler behind.

Recorded at 609 Recording with Don Depew (GBV, New Bomb Turks, etc) the boys have augmented their usual gtr/bass/drums with a collection of ringers filled out with traditional instruments including banjos, fiddles, mandolins & accordians. Somehow those instruments always sound right at home in songs about drunk driving, drugs, gambling and not getting the girl.

"Work Privilage", "I Got Time", "Cheap Red Wine", "Saltine", "Whistlin' Bob", "Catfish Krusty", "Oh, The Wind and Rain", "Shut the Door", "Bloodshot Eyes", "Drink, Fight, Fuck"

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