Self-Titled Debut CDep
CDep Shake 525

Newcomers on the Midwest scene, The Not call up as much of their spiritual lineage from early Pixies, DNA or perhaps an amphetamine-soaked Suicide as they do a thousand forgotten rock n' roll thrift store B-sides.

The angular thrust of early Wire remains intact through- out the band's debut 7 track ep as it competes with the violent strewn tales in short, painful bursts that collide straight into keyboard-driven rhythms.

Too many bands end up stuffing too much in the sonic blender to let thelistener know they're hip to the first Metal Urbain 7" or The Fire Engines. The Not forfeit the "aural name dropping" and just make a great rock n' roll record. The one guy, three lady lineup have chosen to keep it simple and uncluttered; uncompromising but still assessable. All that while filling the dancefloor!

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"I Guess So", "Make You Melt", "Running From Midnight", "Outta Control", "One More Beer", "Dirty Connections", "See you On the Bottom"

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