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CD Shake 510 (Reissued as Shake 545)

Nothing like 'em before 'em & nothing like 'em after 'em!
Imagine if Jon Spencer, circa his Crypt Label area, had
come outta Hazard, KY Ö. You'll start to get a sense of what this Pagan jugband was all about. Set to the background of Uncle Dave Macon on acid, Hogscraper unleashed this set of backwoods dementia on a public who's heads are still reeling from it. Best review we ever read of it was, "Southern Culture On The SkidsÖwithout the charm." Probably the most sought after stuff we've ever done.

Reissued as Shake 545

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Track Listing:
 1.)    Old Man Scratch
 2.)    Tied By The Neck
 3.)    Pussum Poacher
 4.)    Whoremonger
 5.)    Arkansas Toothpick
 6.)    Dixieland
 7.)    Planet Drive Thru
 8.)    Reigning Peterbilts
 9.)    Blood Stained Glassman
 10.)    Sons of Adam
 11.)    Chrome Lady
 12.)    White Devil
 13.)    Lover's Lane
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