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Straight Outta Boone County
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CD Bloodshot/Shake It

Co-released with Chicago's Bloodshot label. A fitting tribute to the great Midwestern Hayride 1940's radio program that beamed outta Cincinnati via "The Nation's Station", WLW. Salutes to Hank Penny, The Delmore Brothers, Merle Travis, Mainer's Mountainers, Stanley Brothers, Moon Mullican and more by the likes of The Waco Brothers, Cowslingers, Robbie Fulks, Whiskeytown, Slobberbone, Handsome Family, Hardrock Gunter & The Dalhart Imperials, Lucky Stars & more!

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Track Listing:
 1.)    Volebeats "Hamatramck Mama"
 2.)    Flathead "Run Mountain"
 3.)    Hazeldine "I'm So Lonesome Without You"
 4.)    Holler "No Vacancy"
 5.)    Robbie Fulks "Wedding of the Bugs"
 6.)    Lucky Stars "No More Nuthin'"
 7.)    Slobberbone "Dark As A Dungeon"
 8.)    Caution Horse "Hangman's Boogie"
 9.)    Grievous Angels "In The Jailhouse"
 10.)    1 Riot 1 Ranger "Southern Moon"
 11.)    Sally Timms "Tennessee Waltz"
 12.)    Hardrock Gunter w/ The Dalhart Imperials "Won't Your Ride In My..."
 13.)    Scroat Belly "Why Don't You Haul.."
 14.)    Cowslingers "If I Lose"
 15.)    Whiskeytown "Bottom of the Glass"
 16.)    Handsome Family "Barbara Allen"
 17.)    Waycross "I Wanna Be Hugged To..."
 18.)    Riptones "Hucklebuck"
 19.)    Showoffs "Big, Big City"
 20.)    Waco Brothers "9 LB Hammer"
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