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CD Shake 520

It hasn't been long since their last outin', Americana-A-Go-Go, but the 'slingers are ready to serve up another dozen slabs of rock n' roll country stomp on their 6th long player! These time out the boys explore the themes of roadside food, spineless radio playlists, decapitated heads in jars, the joys of wearing the clothes of the deceased and just for good measure, a couple of love-gone-bad numbers.

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Track Listing:
 1.)    Waffle House Blues
 2.)    You're So Delicious
 3.)    Johnny's Head
 4.)    Broadcast Tower
 5.)    Gas Station Food
 6.)    Monkey Boy
 7.)    Ain't A Big Deal
 8.)    Cleveland Steamer
 9.)    Hit Record
 10.)    Beautiful Love Song
 11.)    Dirty Sanchez
 12.)    Dead Man's Clothes
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